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Womyn's Health and Healing

Women’s Ecstatic Healing / Tantric Energy work /Sexual Health/ Journeying, Sex Magic - It has been called many different things, but even though practices have varied, the purpose remains similar.

Inside the womb is your all knowing, peaceful, creative centre.  When you let go some of what isn’t your's, you make room for your true self. Let go of the past to let in the future.

The purpose of this treatment is to gently raise your vibration for an extended sustained period.  Safe, intimate touch will occur through very gentle massage of the body and outer and inner vagina.  Orgasm is not the purpose, but it may happen. This treatment heals lower vibrational cells, allowing you to be fully open and relaxed and rid yourself of negative trapped emotions and disease.   There is also a lot of trapped negative emotion held within the uterus. This treatment improves body awareness and sensitivity, as well as learning to breathe from the heart.  You may have increased vibration or orgasm in different parts of your body that come like waves raising the intensity.  This process does not drain energy; in fact, it energizes the body.

This session will genuinely address and support the removal of energetic imprints from miscarriages, abortions, traumas, sexual abuse, episiotomies and past lovers.  Increased fertility and energy will occur thus allowing you to remember the wisdom and power of your womb fully. The Yoni stores energetic imprints from the past and can be cleared by these ancient tantric rituals, after all, recognizing the feminine facets of your body temple is your birthright. Welcome vibrant orgasmic spaces to awaken within you, to fully receive what it means to be a woman and be in your pleasure and beauty!  This type of healing will transfer into a better understanding of the body and pleasure, with present or future partners.

There are different modalities you can use to do this process, but this hands-on process is powerful, and if you open up, it can release your emotions easily without pain.  We will start slow and go at whatever pace with which you are comfortable. Please note, everyone is an individual, and some may require many sessions for full healing and understanding to take place.

The process can take 30 mins-3 hours at the cost of $360+tax.

Insurance receipt provided and can be claimed under Naturopath.

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