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Spirals of Integration: An after Ayahuasca Handbook

My path has led me to write this book on after Ayahuasca. I believe it is an excellent tool for healing emotional illnesses. As more people are receiving the healing benefits of it outside of the jungle, they don't always get the support they need afterward. I was directed by Ayahuasca to write the handbook to help with the process. 


• This book is an essential, practical guide for what to do after you take Ayahuasca.

• How to get the full benefit from the plant medicine. 

• How to integrate properly without losing your mind! These are specific instructions about what to do after, how to recover and reintegrate into your busy life, so you can move clearly forward on your new path.



Here is the link in iTunes Apple Books


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Click the link below to learn more about the research being done by Dr Gabor Mate in Canada, his focus on addiction. Mate is interviewed by David Suzuki.




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