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Darlene can help you and your family lose weight, plan healthy meals and enhance your overall lifestyle. She can also help you build prescription-free wellness plans and address medical conditions such as high cholesterol, celiac disease, diabetes, eating disorders - and more!

The Preventative Approach


Ideally, we want to prevent illness. In order to avoid debilitating diseases as much as possible, we have to understand that common everyday symptoms are our body's way of sending us warning signs that may eventually lead to disease.


These symptoms may include but are not limited to:

  • allergies

  • annual colds & flu

  • arthritis & joint stiffness

  • bladder problems

  • skin problems

  • chronic pain

  • clogged arteries

  • constipation

  • digestive & intestinal difficulties

  • anxiety & depression 

  • fatigue & brain fog

  • migraines & headaches

  • heart burn & indigestion

  • high blood pressure

  • PMS & cramps

  • bloating & gas

  • excess weight gain & trouble gaining weight



Luckily, proper nutrition and herbs can heal early symptoms and therefore prevent long-term disease. Prescribed or over the counter medications are just band-aids that do not get to the root of the illness. While they may provide short-term relief, they are only masking the underlying problem.


A healthy body has a lot of energy, clear thoughts, and is free of pain… at any age. 


These symptoms are not normal aging! Don't ignore your body's warning signs! 




"We greatly enjoyed Darlene’s common sense approach in delivering lasting health and corporate wellness training to our team at the CBDC. Darlene’s quick insight and suggestions for improvements in our daily regime has resulted in our team being more energetic and productive.”

Karen Robinson, Executive Director

CBDC, Westmorland Albert

"This lady is awesome and has straightened out my stomach and has kept me in check. (My problem was not my healthy eating but the fact i wasn't digesting it....i would never have guessed that in a million years !) Professional in all aspects of nutrition as it pertains to health. She accepts e-transfer and uses skype - so location really doesn't matter. Now that's service ! Darlene you saved my life.........."

Barb Hughes,

Sackville, NB

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