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I identify as female, bi-sexual but lean heavier toward lesbian on the spectrum.  I have a female primary partner and am non-monogamous. My preferred pronouns are: she/her


At first, I struggled to put all this information out there.  But I strongly believe having to hide sexuality in any form of gender identity, sexual preferences, and/or relationship status is harmful.  Your preference is your preference, not confined by others' preferences or beliefs. 


Does stating these make me less professional? My profession is helping, and I believe people knowing my preferences makes them free to be entirely them, and have the fluidity to change those preferences when they feel the need to.

As I am part of this community, I am sensitive to these needs and how finding healthcare that is supportive may be tricky.

If you are presently transitioning or have made the transition but have not quite found your balance yet, I can also help with hormone balancing and natural alternatives to hormone therapy.

Want to be healthy no matter how you identify?  I'm here to help you prevent disease and be the best you.

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