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Payment Information

Payments can be made by cash, debit, email money transfer, credit card or PayPal, for distance treatments. I will email you an invoice and insurance forms (if applicable).


If you are with Blue Cross, I can do direct billing, then at the appointment you are only responsible for the co-pay amount.  If you don't know what that amount is, you can provide me with your policy and ID numbers before your appointment, and I can verify the information for you.

If you have health insurance from another company, you are responsible for full payment up front.  I will email the forms to you so that you can submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Be sure to save your receipts. Any amounts not claimed through your insurance can be used as a medical expense on your personal income tax at year end.

Please note that payment plans can be arranged for larger packages and programs.

Donations for Research



Cancellation Policy –  Clients who do not cancel/reschedule their appointment within 24 hours before their appointment will be charged a $65+tax cancellation fee. More than 2 days' notice is much appreciated. Please call 506-850-4584 or email for appointment changes. 

For storm days, please notify us if you're unable to attend your appointment (no charge for missed appointments due to weather).

If you've signed up to book your appointments online, you can cancel/reschedule here:

My services are covered by private health care. (ex. blue cross)  I would love to see it as part of Medicare as a preventive program. I believe this is the missing link in our health care system.

Until this happens,  some people without private healthcare can find this a challenging expense.  If you can't afford these services please let me know, we can work something out. 

If you would like to pay it forward and sponsor someone else to get these services, please let me know.

                                              <3 Darlene

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