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Info about your appointment

After you have booked your initial appointment with me, I will either visit you at your home or office in the greater Moncton and surrounding area, or you can come to see me in my Sackville or Moncton office.

During the initial consult, I will review your medical history. I will evaluate your present health problems (if any) and assess nutrition levels based upon an examination of your hair, nails, and skin. I will also measure your vitamin and mineral levels, (without the use of needles) to find out if there are any imbalances in digestion, absorption, and elimination. Together we will discuss your sleeping, eating, and energy levels, as well as your bowel movements.  I will examine your present medications and check for herbal interactions.  

After the examination is complete, I will provide you with recommendations to improve your overall health including your lifestyle, psycho-spiritual beliefs, food for optimum health, as well as offer tips on preventative exercises. Finally, we’ll discuss how supplementation if needed, combined with consuming whole foods will help you thrive for a lifetime of health and energy. This is all customized for your biochemical individuality. My complete individualized recommendations for you will be emailed to you within three business days after your first appointment.

Before your first appointment, please make a list or have bottles available, of any medications, supplements, or vitamins you are presently taking, along with the dosages you are using. Before I recommend any herbal supplements, I always check for any potential interactions with your present medications.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at our consultation.

I look forward to helping you feel your BEST.

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