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Services for Individuals and Familes

When you make an appointment I can come to your home or office in greater Moncton or you can come to me in Sackville NB.  If you are further away we can connect on Skype or FaceTime.  If you have to reschedule please give 24 hours notice.  The consult is 1 hours long and is $130+tax. Payment can be made by cash, credit, cheque, or email money transfer.  I will email invoice and Insurance forms if you have coverage, please let me know which insurance company you are with. If you do not have insurance save your receipt and can be used on your taxes as a medical expense.


On the initial consult, I will review your medical history, I will look at present problems, and assess nutrition levels based on looking at your hair, nails, and skin.   measure vitamin and mineral levels, without needles. And find out if there are any imbalances in digestion, absorption,and elimination.  I look at how your sleeping, eating and eliminating.  I look at present medications and check for herbal interactions.  Then I will give recommendations for improved your health, (Lifestyle, Pshyco-Spiritual, Food, Exercise.....), and through supplementation for immediate results, striving for whole foods that help you thrive for a lifetime of health and energy. This is all customized for your biochemical individuality.  Your recommendations will be emailed to you within business 3 days of your appointment.


Before your first appointment, if you could make a list or have bottles available, of any Medications, supplements or vitamins you are presently taking, and the dosages.  Before I recommend any herbals, I will check for interactions with your present medications.


If you have any questions please ask, I am looking forward to helping you feel your best. 



Naturopathic Nutritional Assessment

A full consult and custom recommendations of your medical history and present health issues. Through nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle recommendations, start healing and get off medications or prevent it and take charge of your body and be healthy for life!


approximately 1 hour

Great for anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, sleeping problems, memory and more. With energy touching reflex points on the head, stimulating circulation, relaxing the mind and speed up healing.




approxiamately one hour

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body! 


By relaxing the body and mind with energy work. Get to the source of blockages. Release negative emotions Leave with custom mantras to heal negative thought patterns.


one 3-hour session




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Intensive Healing & Coaching Program - per month

Program Details

- Customized Health Program to restore Health

- Learn a new way of food prep

- Daily Support and Weekly Check in.

- medication reduction, food as medicine

$650.00 - 1 month

Intensive Healing & Coaching Program - 6 months

Program Details

- Customized Health Program to restore Health

- Learn a new way of food prep

- Daily Support and Weekly Check in.

- medication reduction, food as medicine

$650.00 - 1 month

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Packaged Services

1 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessment + 

2 Access Bars Cranial Treatments

I have had great success treating concussions, usually healed in 2-4 weeks, depending on severity.

6 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessments & Recomendations

Usually takes 4-6 months to complete.

For individual healing or can be shared with a family.

approximately 1 hour per session


For the mind and body


 1 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessment + 1 Energy Work Session (Reiki, Access Bars or intuitive healing)


one, 2 hour session



For healing major illness and getting off medications, or large families.


  Includes, 12 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessments (Twelve, 1 hour sessions)


Usually takes 4-12 months to complete.



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