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506 850-4584

Pre-Order Menu

Depending on quantity, I will give you the time frame when the order is made, usually one week, but if small amount a couple of days.


ALL food is Vegan and Wheat Free,


Fermented Friends

* KOMBUCHA TEA, Ginger or Raspberry - 12.00$/750ml resealable bottle

* CULTURED VEGGIES; carrot & beet, cucumber - 6.00$/250ml mason jar


Vegan Treats

* VEGAN COCKROACHES (bugless) - 2.00$each, 2 for 3.50$, 6 for 9.00$ - Vegan, Gluten Free, Flour Free,

            This rich chocolate treat is crunchy vegan chocolate on the outside and soft middle with an almond in the             center. (no bugs were harmed in the making!)

* LOADED COOKIES Oatmeal, Apple Raisin - 3.00$ each or batch of 12 for 30$ - Vegan, Wheat Free, Flour Free, Nut free

             This flour and sugarless cookie is packed full of nutrition have for breakfast or an anytime snack.

* CRAZY BALLS, different everytime

              These guiltless treats are vegan, flourless, sugar-free treats, are packed full of seeds, nuts and dried fruit(sulphite free).  Great for a quick snack to curb any craving.   Can freeze to try to make them last.


Vegan Meals

* LENTIL VEGGIE BURGER PATTIES - $2.50each 12 for 24.00$

             These are great fresh or can be frozen for a quick meal or to take to a BBQ.

* MAPLE BAKED BEANS, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic Molasses, Maple sweetened

              More please, great for a quick meal with a salad.  Can freeze and reheat for later.  $8.00 500ml/Mason jar.

* Mexican Refried Beans $8.00/500ml mason jar


Vegan Soups - Great fresh or can be frozen, for a quick meal.

* Borscht Soup - 8.00$/500ml mason jar. 

             Tatshy hearty beet and veggie soup.

* Lentil Garden Veggie Soup - 8$/500ml mason jars. 

* Cream of Cauliflouwer & Mushroom soup - 8$/500ml mason jars.

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