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Blood Collection for Analysis

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news that will elevate your holistic wellness journey. Starting mid October, we are introducing a valuable addition to our practice that will further enhance the care you receive.


Janna Fullerton, RHN, will be taking over the blood collection for analysis. She is located in downtown Moncton and will be doing evening appointments. 


Whether you require additional blood analysis as a current client, or for first time clients of Darlene, you will need to book your blood appointment with Janna.


After your blood collection with Janna, images of your samples will be securely sent to me for analysis.


Once the collection is complete, you can easily book a follow-up appointment with me to review the results and receive personalized guidance for your wellness journey.


At our practice, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of holistic care, and Janna's expertise in blood collection ensures that we continue to meet and exceed your wellness expectations.


Book here -

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